Group Coaching and Workshops

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context. It is an intimate, confidential conversation space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key topics, taking action, and accountability.

It provides an opportunity for coachees to explore and reflect with others as well as connect in a social and spiritual context giving them inspiration and a great source of confidence and hope. Group coaching is a lower cost form of coaching and a great opportunity to meet some amazing and supportive people

Personal Group Coaching

Wellbeing Workshops


This group setting is held on zoom over the course of 6 months and is a minimum of 6 coachees per group.

Fizzy Lemon offers Group coaching for individuals and organisations.

Group Coaching package rate can be provided on request. I can offer organisational discounts and will discuss this confidentiality with my clients.

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Virtual wellbeing workshops

Fizzy Lemon offers the following 1 hour virtual wellbeing workshops

These virtual workshops are interactive 1 hour sessions created to give you the awareness, strategies and tools to build your resilience by supporting your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. There is some theory and reflective exercises allowing you to create a small, yet achievable plan.

What clients are saying

In what appears to be an anxiety epidemic unfolding, with the increasingly apparent rise of stress at home and in the workplace. Studies have shown anxiety has risen by 30% among young adults, affecting young women and increased across the board among men and women under 55.

(Source - The Guardian)

Best practice for maintaining resilience while remote working

This virtual workshop will provide you with strategies to ensure you are managing your wellbeing and resilience levels

During this virtual workshop we will discuss best practice strategies for making remote working as effective as possible to support business as usual.

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