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Improving individual & organisational wellbeing, building confidence, resilience and developing Emotional Intelligence.


Professional Coaching

Leadership coaching is set upon a solid foundation of understanding, rapport and trust between the client and the coach.
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Personal & Group

Group coaching is designed to maximise the combined energy of all participants, the combined experience, wisdom and patience of all group participants creates a safe, confidential and supportive environment.
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Why Coaching?

Professional Leadership

Leadership coaching is set upon a solid foundation of understanding, rapport and trust between the client and the coach.

About Cathy

Cathy always knew coaching was her purpose and in some ways has always been a coach so she took the decision to step away from the chaos and follow her calling.

She established Fizzy Lemon in 2020 to work with individuals and teams to create personal change and effectiveness while enhancing resilience by providing a key focus on all aspects of our wellbeing – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

Cathy spent 15 years delivering large and complex change programmes before supporting senior executives develop their leadership skills and embed a culture of coaching within a large Corporate environment.

Alongside her own life skills and extensive experience leading change; working closely with senior leaders gave her an insight into the need for coaching and the importance of managing our wellbeing while working under pressure.

Cathy is an AC Accredited coach, group coach, mental health first aider, EQi 2.0 certified practitioner and people champion. Her coaching approach is very focussed on our own personal values and strengths beginning with our own self awareness.

Cathy believes it’s most important to know ourselves without letting the external world define us.

Cathy will coach you to build greater awareness of your own and your team’s resilience and provide strategies and tools to support yourself navigate change. This starts with a focus on YOU.

About Fizzy Lemon

Est 2020

Fizzy Lemon champions a zest for life, helping individuals joyfully navigate change, develop emotional intelligence and build resilience in this ever and increasingly high pressured world.

We’ve all heard the phrase, when life gives you lemons. Life’s lemons are unavoidable, it’s how we use the opportunities to grow, becoming more resilient and adaptable to change and adversity. Turning the sour to fizz.

Fizzy Lemon’s purpose is to equip leaders and individuals with the tools to develop and sustain resilience levels through coaching, the use of practical positive psychology techniques, an awareness of our own emotional intelligence and resilience levels.

Fizzy Lemon is invested in creating better leaders by supporting the development of resilience and emotional intelligence.


In what seems like an anxiety epidemic and the rise of stress, anxiety at home and work, building resilient teams and resilient workplaces is key


Fizzy Lemon Values


Know yourself, be your authentic self and be YOU amazingly well


Stay present, be patient and lose the distractions


Focus on the doing not the dwelling


Have a joyful zest for life


‘Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.’ – St Francis of Assisi


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